Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Common Sense




Knowledge provides a system that enables humanity to comprehend events and situations about life. It is not a commerce or trade. It is a solution about the complexities of human existence. It is an integrated light that enables human beings to see the world. It is holistic. Thus, become an instrument to fill gaps concerning the survival of humanity.

Knowledge in the world today is becoming complex. With commerce or trade, it has become expensive and exclusive. The utilization of knowledge as an instrument of authority and power has lead to specialization of knowledge that eventually created gaps not only among experts but among people and society.

Science is aimed to make knowledge simple and comprehensible. The ultimate science that could resolve the complexities of knowledge in the world today is common sense. As a science, common sense is not expensive, non exclusive but integrated, comprehensive and inclusive. It is liberal and free but more than sufficient to generate survival of humanity in the world.

Common sense as a common science promotes and develops a system that is logical, practical and universal to human understanding and survival. As a system, the common sense begins with concepts and ideas to philosophies and principles that are verified by hearing, seeing, touching, and smelling, feeling and tasting. An individual who develops the common sense knows how to think, hear, see, touch, smell, taste and feel.

The expansion of knowledge based on the common sense is developed according to frameworks that explain the integrity of the human body and its relationship with nature. Through the integrity of life ways that defines the cultural personality and identity of every society, understanding of human and cultural diversity in the whole world is achieved.

Common sense provides a system of analyzing and evaluating situations or events that enable an individual or society to provide appropriate responses or resolutions to conflicts or situations. It provides analytical and logical thinking that lead the simple mind to scientific discoveries and inventions.

Common sense is not a crude knowledge. It is not an obsolete or backward system. It is the father of wisdom that leads to the discoveries of knowledge that is indirectly comprehensible by the ordinary mind.

The knowledge based on the common sense is holistic, integrated, comprehensive and well organized. Its integrity provides explanation about the relationships of the elements of nature and its laws that regulates the physical and beyond physical existence of living and non-living things.

Finally, common sense constitutes the analytical and logical processes that are necessary to reconcile the diversity of human knowledge and understanding. The significance of common sense cannot be undermined by modern science because any science that is not based on common sense is equivalent to a machine without a conscience.

Datu Migketay Victorino L. Saway is the custodian of the indigenous knowledge and practices of the Talaandig People of Bukidnon Province, Mindanao Island, in the Philippines. He finished anthropology at Silliman University in Dumaguete City and has developed his field of expertise as a master and practitioner of indigenous and local cultures. He has been promoting the common sense as a science that enabled human civilization to survive for generations without the constraints of modern machines and technologies.

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