Saturday, 17 May 2008


On this site we hope to share our culture, community events and programs.

Mothers for Peace

The Mothers for Peace has been created by Datu Migketay Victorino Saway after reflecting that mothers have a natural gift for settling conflicts in the family. He has gathered model mothers among the Talaandig women and had them dialogue with healers from the major tribes in Bukidnon on indigenous ways of conflict resolution. This group of Talaandig mothers have been facilitating conflict resolutions within the community and within tribal communities for three years now. It is lead by Bai Liza Saway and the model mothers in the community.

Anak ng Tribu

An organization of young artists and musicians started by Waway Saway. This is a group of performing artists who share original music and visual works with each other as they play on the orirignally created conical drums and flutes. The group also plays the original Talaandig musical instruments in a variety of styles. Young artists in the Philippines and Asia have learned from the Talaandig Anak ng Tribu in many ways.

The School For Living Tradition

In the midst of growing threat on our indigenous cultures brought about by the fast changes of a globalized world, Datu Migketay Victorino Saway started a School for Living Tradition. It is a space within the cultural center of the Talaandig community in Songko, Lantapan Bukidnon where children can play their own musical instruments specifically the big Talaandig tambol, sing their own songs, listen to the Talaandig stories and learn the Talaandig games and dances from Inay a Talaandig cultural master. In this haven for children, anyone is free to explore and experiment with sound and space. It is here where children build their foundation on the Talaandig story and self identity.
Everyone is invited to visit the School For Living Tradition of the Talaandig Cultural Center in Songko Lantapan Bukidnon where youth adult, youth and children learn from each other.